Doing Research


    -  On page 263 please note the following:

            Column 2, at age = 19: N = 6 instead of 4

            Column 4: the ‘square sign’ should be removed

            Column 6, at age = 10: the value should be 62.72 instead of 6.72


    -  On page 281 please note:

            Line 1: 40 respondents should be 41 respondents

            Figure 8.19: n=40 should be n=41

    -  On page 53 please note:

            Line 3: Text box 2.3 should be text box 2.2.


    -  On page 74 please note that question 9 refers to an example that is not in text box 2.2.

            The example that is referred to is:


    Students at the College for Art Education wonder how art appreciation is characterized in their institute. Part of these students will be future art teachers. So, how will they be able to teach art appreciation to pupils? And, what about their own art appreciation? At the College for Art Education, a study is conducted into the level and development of art appreciation among their students. Art appreciation is compared between firstyear and thirdyear students at the college. The Pentagrammodel (Van Meel-Jansen, 1998) was used to model the expectations.


    Van Meel-Jansen, A. Th. (1998) Veelzijdig zien. Het pentagram model voor kunstwaardering. Rijksuniversiteit Leiden.